Road haulage

It is not enough to just load goods onto a lorry and have an address handy to be able to call yourself a road haulage company. What is necessary is expertise, efficiency, intelligence, attention, organisational capabilities, professional competence, enthusiasm and awareness.

We have collected all of this with a multitude of experience. We have "been on the road" for 150 years. We choose the best suited, most inexpensive and most efficient solution from among semitrailers, tractor and trailers, express service vans, special vehicles, vehicles certified for transporting hazardous goods, motor vehicles with drop sides and vehicles of all sizes for each and every shipment. Service is complete and aims at optimizing every shipment. Managing traffic, delays and unforeseen events is our daily challenge. Safety on the roads always remains our first concern.

Rhenus Gottardo Ruffoni SA
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Rhenus Gottardo Ruffoni SA
Via Sottobisio 18, Balerna
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